How To Reset A Jbl Speaker

By | July 6, 2022
How to Reset JBL Go 2 Bluetooth Speaker Tom's Tek Stop

In 2023, JBL speakers are becoming increasingly popular. With their sleek design and powerful sound, they’re a great addition to any home entertainment system. But with any electronic device, there may be times when you need to reset your JBL speaker. Whether it’s due to a malfunctioning device or an update you’ve made, knowing how to reset your JBL speaker can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Step 1: Check for Software Updates

The first step you should take if you’re having issues with your JBL speaker is to see if there are any software updates available. You can do this by going to JBL’s website and downloading the latest version of the software. Once you’ve downloaded the update, you can run it on your speaker. This should help with any issues you may be having.

Step 2: Try a Soft Reset

If you’ve run through the software update and you’re still having issues, you can try a soft reset. This will help clear out any bugs or glitches that may be causing the problem. To do a soft reset, simply unplug the speaker from the power source and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This should help reset the speaker and fix any minor issues you may be having.

Step 3: Try a Hard Reset

If a soft reset doesn’t work, you can try a hard reset. This should only be done as a last resort, as it will delete any settings or preferences you’ve made to the speaker. To do a hard reset, simply hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until the speaker turns off. Then, plug it back in and turn it on. This should reset the speaker to its factory settings.

Step 4: Contact JBL Customer Support

If the reset doesn’t seem to be working, you may need to contact JBL’s customer support. They can walk you through the process of resetting your speaker and help you troubleshoot any other problems you may be having. They can also provide advice on how to best take care of your speaker so you don’t run into the same issue again.


Resetting a JBL speaker is a relatively straightforward process. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to reset your speaker and get it back to working order. If you’re still having issues, it may be best to contact JBL’s customer support for further assistance.