How To Make Gold In Color Pencil

By | January 30, 2023

How To Make Gold In Color Pencil – Because drawing gold might seem like such a challenge, I’m going to break it down into its component parts today. I’m going to demonstrate the simplest way to draw gold using colored color pencil gold, but you can achieve the same effect just as easily using markers or any other medium. The first thing we’re going to do is take a look at the fundamental colors you’ll require, as well as some easy patterning techniques that can be used to create the appearance of shiny gold.

After that, I’ll demonstrate a few different ways that you can use this in your actual artwork or coloring books, as well as some additional pointers that you can use if you really want to make something realistic. Simply by switching the colors that you are working with, you can use this method to produce different shiny surfaces, such as silver, metal, rose gold, or even silk. These may all be achieved by imitating the look of silk.

How To Make Gold In Color Pencil

Watch the video that I’ve embedded below, draw gold and then scroll down to access all of the tools I’ve compiled for you to begin honing your gold sketching skills.

How To Make Gold In Color Pencil

How To Make Gold In Color Pencil

Instructions on How to Draw Letters in Gold

Figuring out where your light and shading will go and drawing a basic line to represent them is the simplest approach to get started drawing a character. Maintain a mild consistency so that you may simply include this later on. I’ve decided to utilize my yellow rather than my white in order to make it easier to see what I’m doing; therefore, I’ll use my white immediately after this as I fill in the rest of my colors.

How to Draw a Potted Plant in a Gold Finish

It is strongly suggested that you begin with an uncomplicated object until you get the hang of this. For the purpose of this illustration, I will be using a plant container. Because it is somewhat larger at the top than it is at the bottom, the pattern will need to be slightly stretched in order for it to be suitable for the shape drawing gold.

A Guide to Making Your Gold Appear to Have More Luster

Increase the number of times you transition from dark to light and make each transition more abrupt. You can even do rid of some of your transitional colors and go from dark to light in specific reflections all of a sudden. Increase the degree of contrast! Make use of both black and white. When there is a greater contrast between your darkest and gold color pencil, your gold will appear to have a higher sheen.

Reflections on more recent events

In earlier episodes, I covered the topic of gold colored pencil; however, gold and other shiny objects reflect light in a unique way, making it significantly more challenging to create drawings that look genuine. It’s like attempting to instruct someone on how to draw a mirror. It just doesn’t work. The environment has a significant impact on what you are sketching, and this has a significant impact.

Practice Activities

Find at least one photo to use as a reference, then make a copy of it so you can practice sketching gold. You will start to have an understanding of how the lighting occurs naturally, as well as what to look for and incorporate into your coloring. You do not need to be an incredible artist; this is simply for the purpose of practicing and improving your skills. You can even trace the contour of the gold colored pencils you’re using as a reference, which will allow you to concentrate just on coloring the picture rather than giving thought to how well you’re drawing at the moment.

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How To Color Gold

How do you make the color gold?

After combining yellow and blue to make green, move on to the next step of adding red to make brown. After that, continue adding additional yellow until the color is how you want it. After that, you can change the color of the golden tone to one that you prefer.

What colors make gold with crayons?

To create a gold that seems authentic, you only need to use white, yellow, brown, and black as your colors. We can play around with these colors and use different browns, different yellows, or different quantities of each to create dull golds, bright golds, or different tones of gold with different lighting, but this is, fundamentally, where we are going to begin.

How do you dye shiny gold?

To begin, create a green shade by combining red and blue in proportions that are equal to one another. Then, to create a warm-toned, dark gold, combine an equal amount of the green shade and the yellow pigment in a mixing container. If you want a yellower gold, add more yellow until you get the color you want. This will make the gold brighter.

What colors are mixed for gold?

As a first step, we are going to investigate the question of what two colors combine to form gold. Yellow and brown are the two colors that, when mixed together, can be used to create a beautiful warm gold color. Because gold is typically located on the warmer side of the color spectrum, you will want to make use of a warm yellow as well as a warm brown in order to achieve the desired effect.


How To Make Gold In Color Pencil –┬áIt is important to keep some of the white in the center so that the piece has a good highlight and shine. The final step is to take the dark umber and use it to add a finishing touch to the edges. The warm color of burnt ochre that was used at the beginning would be tempered by the addition of this. To achieve the best possible results, you can start over with all of the colors and fill in any spaces that are still empty.