How To Make A String Keychain

By | January 23, 2023

How To Make A String Keychain – Oh my gosh you people. I love Boondoggle! Around the age of ten, I was quite active in a little business effort making keychains, and it was making money. The best activity for the summer is to make your own boondoggle cool lanyard designs using plastic lacing cord, and you can learn how to do it here.

When I was in primary school, I would go to the shop and buy boondoggle lace, which I then would sell on the playground to other students by the yard. I sold it by the yard so that children could construct their own knickknack different lanyard patterns with the materials. But I don’t think I ever sold the final products itself, probably because the manufacturing of them was the most enjoyable part.

How To Make A String Keychain

These boondoggle keychains are known by a variety of names, including scoubidou’s, craft lace, plastic weaving, scoobies, plastic lacing cord, gimps, gymps, plastic lanyards, and more lanyard braid patterns!

How To Make A String Keychain

How To Make A String Keychain

What do you call them in your language?

When we go on family camping trips, summer camps, or family reunions, I always pack along some boondoggle supplies. It’s perfect for young children and adolescents since it gives them something constructive to do with their hands while the rest of us play outside, watch movies, or just wait for dinner. Around the age of 5, I gave birth to my first child.

They had some assistance in holding it as they wove the laces, but in the end, everyone was satisfied with their work. ~ Beginning with the fundamental two-strand weaves is the first thing you should do while learning how to produce boondoogle lanyard designs. I always start with teaching the square, and once the person has mastered it, we move on to the next step.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Boondoggle Keychain:

I am the one who always initiates the fiasco for everyone else. It’s just the most difficult aspect, and I really want to maintain a nice atmosphere here. I do not use the lanyard hook until the very end because it serves as a prize for completing the job.

Here is how to begin a two-strand project: While I was taking shots, I used painters tape to keep the shoelaces in place so that it would be easier to take the pictures. However, in order to get it started, all you really need to do is hold the cables in your palm.

Arrange them in a plus sign formation.

You will need to loop the top lace down and the bottom lace up using the lace that is currently sitting on the bottom of the plus sign.

Next, take the lace from either side and weave it over the first blue lace and then under the second blue lace.

Continue doing this until you have completed the pattern.

Repeat this process for the lace on the opposite side, first weaving it in beneath the blue lace and then passing it through the final loop. This final weave through ought to be sufficient to attach the laces.

A Guide to Making Your Own Boondoogle Keychain

When it is pulled to its full extent, it will appear like this! After then, give it a little bit more of a pull. To ensure that all of the shoelaces are drawn evenly and securely, I first pull two laces with each hand, and then I rotate my hands and pull again.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Weaving a Square Boondoggle:

We are now able to move on to the weaving of the SQUARE. Since it is also the one with the fewest potential pitfalls, this is the one I suggest lanyard designs with 2 strings. Pull the first knot to make it tighter. Turn the pink laces so that they are facing inward. Weave the blue lace at the bottom beneath the second pink lace and over the first pink lace to complete the pattern.

The next step is to weave the blue lace at the top under (or through) the final pink lace, and then over the pink lace that is closest to you. This knots all of the laces in place, and you should draw them as tightly as possible. (please refer to the image that is below) In the square pattern, you can make a lanyard instructions that is approximately 4 inches long using one yard of lace.

To Complete a Boondoggle Keychain in the Following Ways:

This one comes in pink and blue, and it features an interesting pattern that is created by combining three round weaves with three square weaves lanyard patterns. Let’s put the finishing touches on it now. There is a lovely alternative to finishing it off with a knot, which would be bulkier. When the laces reach about 4 inches in length, you should stop weaving or they will be uneven.

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How do you make twine keychain?

Twine should be cut into two lengths, with one being significantly longer than the other.

After folding the longer piece of twine around the other, start the three-way braiding pattern, making sure to leave a loop at the top.

To the desired length, continue to braid.

At the very end, apply hot glue wherever it’s required and fold twine over itself. Please press and maintain your hold for a few moments.

Trim away the excess at both ends.

A key ring should be inserted at the loop.

What are the string keychains called?

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What are those string keychains called?

Advertisement. They were only familiar with the string in the capacity of “lanyard.”

What is the long rope thing that you put keys on?

Rope Key Chain by COOPH from Leica allows you to wear your keys on your wrist and was designed by COOPH. It is simple to remove from your bag and convenient for securing your keys because it is crafted from leather and a climbing rope of the highest possible quality.


How To Make A String Keychain –¬†Perform one more weave, but this time don’t pull it too tightly. The next step is to take each loose lace and wrap it around the lace to its left, followed by weaving it up through the middle of the laces.