How To Make A Large Shirt Smaller

By | June 19, 2022
3 Ways to Make a Shirt Smaller wikiHow

Shirts come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes you can’t find the perfect fit. If you love a shirt but it’s too big, don’t despair! There are a few ways to make a large shirt smaller without ruining the fabric. Whether you need to make a few minor alterations or you’re looking for a dramatic transformation, there is a method to suit your needs. Read on to learn how to make a large shirt smaller.

Tailoring a Shirt

If you want to make a large shirt smaller, the best way to do it is to take it to a tailor. A tailor is a professional who specializes in clothing alterations and can do a great job of taking in the sides and sleeves of a shirt to make it fit perfectly. Tailoring is a great option if you have a favorite shirt that you don’t want to get rid of, but it can be expensive. If you’re on a budget, you may want to look into some DIY methods.

DIY Methods

If you don’t want to spend money on a tailor, there are some DIY methods you can use to make a large shirt smaller. The first is to simply wear a belt. Wearing a belt can help cinch your midsection and make a large shirt appear smaller. It’s a great way to make the shirt more flattering and it’s fast and easy to do. You can also use safety pins to take in the sides of a shirt. All you need to do is pin the sides of the shirt together until it fits you better. This method works best if you don’t need to make too much of a difference.

Shrinking a Shirt

If you have a cotton shirt that is too big, you can shrink it to make it smaller. Start by washing the shirt in hot water with a small amount of fabric softener. Then, put it in the dryer on the hottest setting. The hot water and heat from the dryer should shrink the shirt a bit. You may need to repeat this process a few times until you get the desired fit. Keep in mind that shrinking a shirt can be tricky and you may end up with a shirt that is too small. Make sure to try it on before you put it in the dryer and don’t leave it in too long.

Taking In the Sleeves

If you need to make the sleeves of a shirt smaller, you can use a sewing machine. Start by measuring the armholes of the shirt and then mark on the sleeves where you need to take it in. After that, sew a straight line across the marked area and then trim off the excess fabric. You can also try using fabric glue to make the sleeves smaller. Start by measuring the armholes and then apply fabric glue to the sleeves and press them together. Make sure to let the glue dry before you try it on.

How to Make a Large Shirt Smaller with a Razor

If you want to make a dramatic difference in the size of a shirt, you can use a razor. Start by cutting off the extra fabric from the sides and the sleeves of the shirt. Make sure to be very careful and to use a sharp razor so you don’t tear the fabric. You can also use this method to take in the neckline of a shirt if necessary. Just make sure to be very careful and not to cut off too much fabric. This method is best left to the pros.


Making a large shirt smaller doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Whether you take it to a tailor, use a belt, or try one of the DIY methods above, you can make a shirt fit you perfectly. Just make sure to be careful and take your time if you’re using a razor or sewing machine. With a little bit of effort and patience, you can make a large shirt smaller and have a shirt that fits you perfectly!