How To Make A Guy Laugh Really Hard Over Text

By | August 18, 2022
Things To Say To Make A Guy Laugh Over Text alyson haggigan naked

Making Someone Laugh Through Texts

No matter how much you love someone, sometimes it’s hard to make them laugh. It’s even harder to make someone laugh when you’re not together. But if you’re wanting to make a guy laugh really hard over text, it’s not impossible. You just need to be creative and savvy with your words. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make a guy laugh really hard over text.

1. Use Emojis

Emojis are a great way to express a feeling or emotion in a text. Plus, they’re fun and enjoyable for the person who is receiving them. If you’re trying to make a guy laugh, use the right emoji. This can be anything from a funny face to a heart-eyed face. He’ll get a laugh out of it, and you’ll both be able to share a laugh together.

2. Use Creative Emojis

You don’t just have to stick to the basic emojis. Get creative and use some of the more unique emojis. For example, you could use the face with the sunglasses emoji or the alien emoji. You could even use the taco emoji or the poo emoji. The possibilities are endless, and you’re sure to get a good laugh out of him.

3. Send Funny GIFs

GIFs are a great way to get a laugh out of a guy. Find a funny GIF that’s relevant to the conversation and send it to him. He’ll get a good laugh out of it, and you’ll have a great time. Don’t be afraid to be a little risqué. As long as it’s appropriate for the conversation and your relationship, go for it!

4. Share a Funny Story

Everyone loves a good story, so why not share a funny one with the guy you’re trying to make laugh? It could be something that happened to you recently, or it could be a funny story that you heard from a friend. Regardless, it’s sure to make him laugh.

5. Tell a Joke

Telling a joke is another great way to make someone laugh. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate joke. Just tell something that you think is funny. He’ll appreciate your sense of humor and be sure to laugh.

6. Make Fun of Yourself

Making fun of yourself is a great way to make someone laugh. This can be anything from telling a funny story about something embarrassing that happened to you, to making a joke about your hair. Whatever you do, make sure it’s in good fun and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

7. Use Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a great way to make someone laugh. You can use it to make a joke or to make light of a situation. Just make sure that he knows you’re joking and that he doesn’t take your sarcasm the wrong way.

8. Be Playful

Being playful is another great way to make someone laugh. Send him a funny message or share a funny meme. This will show him that you have a sense of humor and that you’re not afraid to have a good time.

9. Be Witty

Sometimes, the best way to make someone laugh is to be witty. Think of a clever way to respond to him or make a joke about something you both know. He’ll be sure to appreciate your wit and intelligence.

10. Have Fun!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun with it. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just enjoy the conversation. He’ll appreciate it and be sure to laugh along with you.

Making someone laugh over text can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. With these tips, you’ll be sure to make a guy laugh really hard over text. So, the next time you’re trying to make someone laugh, remember these tips and have a good time.