How To Hold A Handgun: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

By | August 24, 2022
How to Hold a Pistol Special Forces Instruction Tactical Rifleman

In this day and age, it is essential to learn how to properly use and hold a handgun. Whether you’re a recreational shooter, hunter, or just a concerned citizen looking for self-defense, it is important to learn the basics of handling a gun safely. The following guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to hold a handgun.

Safety First

Safety should always come first when handling firearms. Always make sure that any firearms you are handling are unloaded and that the safety is on. Be sure to check the chamber and magazine of any firearm you handle to make sure they are unloaded. It is also important to wear the appropriate safety gear, like eye and ear protection, when handling firearms.

The Right Grip

When it comes to holding a handgun, you want to make sure you have the right grip. The right grip will help ensure accuracy and stability when shooting. To find the right grip, you want to hold the handgun firmly in your dominant hand. Your dominant hand should be placed on the back of the gun’s grip, with your other hand placed on the front of the grip. Your dominant hand should be in a firm grip, but not too tight. You should also make sure that your hands are in the same line, so that the sights are aligned with your eyes.

Proper Stance

Having the right stance is important when shooting. You want to make sure you are in a comfortable position and that you are balanced. You should be standing with your feet slightly apart and your dominant foot should be slightly ahead of your other foot. You should also be leaning slightly forward, as this will help you absorb the recoil of the gun.

Trigger Control

Trigger control is an essential part of handgun shooting. You want to make sure that you are pulling the trigger straight back, in a smooth and consistent motion. Do not jerk the trigger, as this will cause the gun to move and will affect accuracy. You should also be aware of the trigger reset, which is the point at which the trigger returns to its original position after being pulled.

Sight Alignment

Sight alignment is another important part of handgun shooting. You want to make sure that the sights are aligned with your eyes and that your arms are in the same line. The front sight should be centered in the rear sight and lined up with the target. You should also be aware of the sight picture, which is the relationship between the sights, the target, and your eyes.

Breathing and Follow Through

Breathing and follow through are two important aspects of handgun shooting. Make sure to take a deep breath and exhale slowly as you take aim. Aiming and shooting should be a smooth and steady motion. Once you’ve taken your shot, make sure to follow through and keep your sights on the target until the shot is complete.


Learning how to properly handle a handgun is essential for any shooter. Following the tips outlined in this guide will help ensure that you have the right grip, stance, and sight alignment, as well as proper trigger control and follow through. Remember to always practice safety first and to wear the appropriate safety gear.