How To Do E Girl Lipstick

By | March 10, 2023

How To Do E Girl Lipstick – The eGirl makeup is the newest e girl eyeliner tutorial trend that has completely taken over social media. Before it, there was the VSCO girls makeup trend, and before that, the Instagram baddies makeup trend. We’ve got your back whether this is the first time you’ve heard about it or you’ve been captivated by the eGirl makeup looks and have been itching to give it a shot yourself. The following is everything you need to know about the cutting-edge makeup trend that has completely taken over the digital world.

It’s not the most approachable outfit to put on, but there’s no denying that it’s an intriguing style that you should experiment with during this time when you’re stuck inside (maybe for the upcoming Zoom parties?). There is a good chance that you are here because the subject piqued your interest as well. Are you interested in learning how to perfect this intriguing makeup look?

How To Do E Girl Lipstick

Here are some of our best recommendations for perfecting the e girls makeup look in real life article.

How To Do E Girl Lipstick

How To Do E Girl Lipstick

Lips out of focus

Gradient lips are so 2015. At the moment, its more developed version, which consists of blurred lips, is the choice that works best with this style. This lipstick trend ties the look together by complementing the sharpness and vividness of the eyes and the cheeks with its soft and diffused yet still noticeable finish. It combines the popularity of matte lipsticks in the West and powdery lip tints in the East.

Igari-style application of blush is highly recommended

If you want to draw attention to your egirl eyeliner tutorial, an old rule of makeup application states that the rest of your appearance should be understated. On the other hand, this is in no way true regarding E-girl makeup. In order to maintain this aesthetic, it is necessary for your blush to keep up with your eye look, which means that it must be just as bold. The Igari technique, also known as the drunk-blush technique, is what E-girls use to achieve this effect. It makes the apples of the cheeks as well as the tip of the nose really stand out with color. Because of this, the look is able to achieve its element of cuteness, which, in a paradoxical way, contrasts or complements the edginess of the eyes.

Don’t overlook the smoky eye, okay?

Even if you believe that experimenting with a rainbow of colors is enough to pull off this look, another essential component of E-girl makeup is mastering the art of the perfect cat eye. This trend really bets big on dramatic doll-like eyes, so a sharp and sometimes over-the-top cat-eye — or would the term eyeliner art be a more accurate description? — must be in order. Finish it off with the thickest, most lush-looking false lashes you can locate, and voilá! Eye makeup, done.

Bold eyes make the look

With the look originating from replicating augmented-reality beauty filters, it’s no wonder why it has a very quirky and experimental appeal. Its key element? Over-the-top eye makeup. Be it bold colours, a full-blown smokey lid or two different colour stories per eye, theatricality is the way to go with this aesthetic.

What is an eGirl?

The term eGirl or electronic girl refers to girls who are avid internet users, primarily anime and gaming fans. eGirl was initially a pejorative term that was used to stereotype girls who were thought to have created this persona only for the purpose of getting attention in gaming communities that were predominantly male. This term has now developed into a subculture that is comprised of women who are daring and edgy and who have strong emo and punk vibes.

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Egirl Makeup, Makeup Egirl

Egirl Makeup

How do you make your makeup look E-girl?

Because egirl eyeshadow is famous for its exaggeratedly rosy cheeks and red noses, you should apply a generous amount of your preferred blush shade not only to the apples of your cheeks but also to the bridge of your nose. eGirl makeup is known for its over-the-top rosy cheeks and red noses. Make sure the bold blush color does not look patchy on your skin by blending it in with a large blending brush. This will ensure that the color goes on smoothly and does not leave any streaks.

How do you do an e eye girl?

Keep your eyeliner close to the end of the wing as you fill in the outline of the triangle one stroke at a time. You can do this by flicking or sweeping the eyeliner from the end of the wing inwards towards your eye. Continue working on it until both the outline and the fill are totally darkened. Perform the same steps on your second eye. Maintain a soft touch so you may exert the most control possible!

How do you e blush a girl?

Use a dark blush or apply numerous layers of a pink color with a light undertone to achieve the look of an e-girl blushing. The idea is to apply your blush as you normally would, then bring it across your nose in such a way that it creates the appearance of a pore strip joining your blushed cheeks. It is likely that you will want a blush that is more intense than you are accustomed to using in order for the look to be successful.

What is E-girl make up?

TikTok is responsible for popularizing the term “egirl make up” which is a fusion of emo and punk rocker vibes with a more carefree attitude. A statement cosmetics look, often characterized by rich blush, large doe eyes, and other whimsical accents, such as painted hearts underneath the eyes, is a characteristic component of the style.


How To Do E Girl Lipstick – You can make your eGirl makeup look last all day by using a setting spray and giving it a few spritzes. This not only helps your makeup last longer, but it also makes it easier for the various face makeup products you use to mix together effortlessly, which in turn improves the appearance of your complexion. And there you have it: a simple and fast eGirl beauty lesson that will walk you through recreating this on-trend makeup look so that you may become a member of the club.