How To Build Monkey Bars In 2023

By | September 28, 2022
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What Are Monkey Bars?

Monkey bars, sometimes known as jungle gyms, are playground equipment popular among children. They are typically made of metal and consist of horizontal bars, which are nearly parallel, with a distance of about 18 inches between each bar. The bars are attached to vertical posts, which are placed into the ground for stability. Monkey bars can be great fun for children, and they also help children to develop their physical strength, coordination and balance.

Things You Need to Build Monkey Bars

In order to build monkey bars, you will need a few basic supplies. These include metal poles, metal bars, a drill, screws, and a wrench. You will also need a level, so that the bars are installed correctly. Additionally, you may need a post-hole digger, a wheelbarrow, and concrete mix, if you plan to install your monkey bars into the ground.

Steps to Build Your Monkey Bars

Building monkey bars is not as difficult as it may seem, and it can be completed in a few steps. First, lay out the posts in the desired pattern and make sure that they are level. If you are installing the posts into the ground, use a post-hole digger to dig a hole for each post. Fill the holes with concrete and then insert the posts. Once the posts are in place, attach the bars to the posts using screws and a drill. Finally, use a wrench to tighten the screws and make sure that the bars are secure.

Safety Considerations When Building Monkey Bars

It is important to consider safety when building monkey bars. Make sure that the bars are spaced far enough apart so that children are not able to get their heads stuck in between them. Additionally, check the bars regularly to make sure that they are secure and that there are no loose screws or pieces of metal. If you are installing your monkey bars into the ground, make sure that the concrete is dry and that the posts are firmly in place.

Tips for Building Monkey Bars

When building monkey bars, consider using galvanized steel for the bars and posts, as this will make the structure stronger and more durable. Additionally, you may want to purchase pre-made pieces, such as bars and posts, as this will save you time and effort. Finally, if your monkey bars are going to be used by children, you may want to consider painting the bars in bright colors, as this can make them more visually appealing.


Building monkey bars can be a fun and rewarding project, and it can provide children with hours of fun. With the right supplies and a few basic tools, you can construct your own monkey bars in a few steps. Before building your monkey bars, make sure to consider safety and take the necessary precautions. Additionally, you may want to consider using pre-made pieces and painting the bars in different colors, as this can make the structure more visually appealing.