A Guide To Building An Igloo In 2023

By | August 21, 2022
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Igloos are structures made of blocks of snow, and have been used for centuries by people living in the coldest regions of the world. An igloo can provide shelter from the extreme weather conditions. In recent years, igloo-building has become an increasingly popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts and winter campers. In this guide, we will discuss the basics of igloo-building and provide instructions on how to build one in 2023.

What You Will Need

In order to build an igloo, you will need some basic supplies. The most important supplies are blocks of snow, a shovel, and a saw or axe. You will also need a tarp, rope, and a camping stove if you plan to stay inside the igloo for a prolonged period of time. Finally, you’ll need some insulation to keep the igloo warm.

Building the Base

The first step in building an igloo is to create a base. This base is the foundation of your structure and will help to provide stability. To create the base, you will need to dig a large hole in the snow. The hole should be slightly larger than the size of the igloo you would like to build. You can then use the blocks of snow to create a circular wall around the hole. It is important to ensure that the blocks fit together snugly to create a strong foundation.

Creating the Blocks

The next step is to create the blocks that will be used to build the walls of the igloo. You will need to use your shovel to dig blocks of snow from the ground. The blocks should be about the size of your fist and should be as uniform as possible. Once the blocks are dug up, you can use your saw or axe to cut them into shape. Make sure the blocks fit together snugly when stacked.

Laying the Blocks

Once you have created the blocks, you can begin to lay them in a circular pattern around the base. Start by laying the blocks along the base and then work your way up. It is important to ensure that the blocks are stacked in a tight, overlapping pattern to create a strong wall. As you work your way up, you can begin to decrease the size of the blocks to create a dome-like shape.

Finishing Touches

Once you have created the walls of the igloo, you can start to add some finishing touches. You can use the tarp to create a door and the rope to secure it. You can also use the insulation to keep the igloo warm. Finally, you can use the camping stove to heat up the igloo and cook food. Make sure to keep the stove away from the walls and the insulation to avoid any fire hazards.


Building an igloo is a fun and rewarding experience. With the right supplies and some patience, you can create a strong and comfortable shelter that can provide protection from the cold. Make sure to follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure that your igloo is built correctly and safely. And remember, always stay warm and have fun!