How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown

By | December 29, 2022

How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown – Thomas Johnson is an American dancer who is also known by his stage name, how old is jayah from tommy the clown. Johnson is most recognized as the creator of the “clown” dance, which later morphed into the krumping dance style. Since there was a shortage of clowns at the birthday celebration in 1992, Johnson came up with the notion of the “hip-hop clown” to solve the problem.

Dancer who is primarily known for inventing the dancing form known as “clowning,” which later developed into the more well-known style known as krumping. In 1992, he was the one who originated the style, which is credited with giving birth to the term “hip-hop clown.”

How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown

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How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown

How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown

Connections Made With

He has shared the dance floor with Ray Ray of Mindless Behavior. In addition to this, he and the people that follow him have given performances at the birthday celebrations of celebrities such as Madonna and Cedric the Entertainer, among others.

How Old Is Jayah The Clown

He goes by the name how old is jayah the clown in full. After being born in Detroit, Michigan, he moved with his family to South Central Los Angeles, California, when he was young.


Rize, a documentary film made by David LaChapelle and released in 2005, centered its narrative around him.

Before Fame

Before he was released to work as a typewriter clerk, he served a period of five years in prison.

How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown

How many years has Tommy been a clown? He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 9, 1969, and as of the year 2022, he is 53 years old. He was born in a mixed-race family and currently possesses American citizenship. He goes by the name Thomas Johnson in full how old is justyce from tommy the clown. After being born in Detroit, Michigan, he moved with his family to South Central Los Angeles, California, when he was young. During his performances, Tommy would play today’s top tunes while dancing, and he would encourage the younger audience members to join him on the dance floor. In a short amount of time, he amassed a following all across Los Angeles.

Measurements of Tommy the Clown’s Stature and Weight

What is Tommy the Clown’s height, exactly? Her height is 5 feet and 5 inches, and she weighs approximately 62 kilograms. Her blond hair and green eyes are two of her most attractive features. In addition, she has a lean body build, and her body measurements are 36 inches tall, 29 inches wide, and 42 inches long.

Does Anyone Know If Tommy the Clown Is Married or Not?

Tommy the Clown, whose true name is Thomas Johnson, is a well-known hip hop dancer and clown from the United States. He is probably most recognized for his roles as both a judge and a performer on the television show America’s Got Talent, on which he has been on multiple occasions.

It is reported that Johnson inherited his talent for clowning from his father, who was also a clown. Johnson started out as a dancer, and he performed with a number of different dance teams in the Los Angeles area. He soon found his calling as a clown and started performing at various events, such as birthday celebrations and other gatherings.

How Old Is Justyce From Tommy The Clown

By the year 2000, the city of Los Angeles was home to more than sixty clown teams. Tommy stepped in to prevent a dispute from occurring between these diverse groups by organizing weekly dance competitions in his former studio, where spectators voted on the winner based on their enjoyment of the performances.

As a result of the growing popularity of these events, Tommy developed and presented the Battle Zone contest. The competition included performances by local dancers as well as celebrity guests. David LaChapelle, an internationally renowned director and photographer, was taken aback by Tommy’s dance craze. LaChapelle, who felt driven to record this movement on film, worked with Lions Gate Films to develop the film Rize in the year 2005.

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How Old Is Jayah From Tommy The Clown – Johnson and his followers have played at a variety of birthday parties, from those held in downtown areas to those hosted by superstars such as Madonna, Pamela Anderson, and Cedric the Entertainer. He became famous all around the world after being included in the documentary Rize, which was directed by David LaChapelle and released in 2005. Additionally, jayah from tommy the clown age the Clown danced with the star member of Mindless Behavior known as Ray Ray.