How Much Is Melanin Per Gram

By | December 27, 2022

How Much Is Melanin Per Gram – Melanin is a pigment that is present in the hair and skin of people of African and Asian descent. Buy melanin online gives these people their dark complexion and hair. It is more prevalent in African skin, but there have been reports of it being detected in Caucasian hair as well. Melanin, thanks to its adaptability and abundance, has seen a significant rise in popularity in the fashion and beauty industries over the past decade.

Because this is a topic that has generated a significant amount of discussion among academics, we have chosen to put it to the test. This article will explain why the price of melanin does not necessarily reflect its actual value, despite the fact that melanin is both a pigment and a superconductor.

How Much Is Melanin Per Gram

The current price of melanin , which is around $445 per gram, is a significant decrease from its historical average price.

How Much Is Melanin Per Gram

How Much Is Melanin Per Gram

How Many Grams Of Melanin Is In A Black Person

It has been known for a considerable amount of time that melanin may be manufactured in a laboratory for a very low cost. This is due to the fact that melanin is a naturally occurring substance that is produced by the common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis. In order to make the melanin precursor DOPAquinone, the neurotransmitter levodopa must first be oxidized. An enzyme known as tyrosinase, which is located inside of the brain, is responsible for carrying out this process.

Efforts made to conceal the monetary value of melanin

Regarding melanin, there has been activity in the background aimed at misleading us. After writing a blog post in June 2014 indicating that melanin is more valuable than gold, we became aware of the Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend for the very first time. In those days, one gram of melanin was only worth $353 dollars. That was precisely $300 more expensive per gram than gold. On March 24, 2017, a group of cowardly Twitter users detonated a Melanin Twitter bomb directed specifically towards African American women and girls, as well as individuals of African descent in general. It seems as though the goal of the effort was to convince people that the Missing DC Girls went missing due to their melanin levels. In addition to this, it was the impetus for the writing of the book “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold.”

It prevents damage to the cells of the skin

Melanin is what protects our skin cells from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to our skin. However, the safeguarding method is not entirely foolproof. You should always protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sunscreen or dressing in clothing that offers adequate coverage. A new study has shed light on the process through which your body prepares a defense mechanism even before you start tanning. Rhodopsin is the photosensitive receptor in the eye, and melanocytes contain the protein that makes up this receptor. In order to stimulate the formation of melanin, it transmits calcium ion impulses.

Ubuntu is a planet where everyone’s needs are met

Since 2014, at least three different websites have emerged with the aim of diverting traffic away from by providing results for users searching for “melanin having a dollar value.” In contrast to those other websites, we not only pioneered the awareness that the economic worth of melanin is more than that of gold. We also came to the conclusion that there is a link between melanin and the tricolor flag that represents Africans all over the world, which features red, black, and green.

It is Responsible for the Color of Hair

The pigment melanin, which is a granule of protein, is responsible for the color of hair. Melanocytes are the cells that contain this pigment. After that, melanin needs to be moved to keratinocytes, which are found in the cortical and bulbous layers of hair. Keratinocytes are able to phagocytose the tips of melanocyte dendrites, which allows them to steal the cytoplasm from those terminals. Because melanin has the ability to absorb light, it is responsible for giving hair its characteristic color.

It is classified as a Superconductor

Recent studies have demonstrated that melanin possesses superconducting properties. It is more accurately described as an electronic-ionic hybrid conductor rather than an amorphous organic semiconductor. Melanin is biocompatible not just because of its singular structure but also because of its low dielectric constant; yet, it also possesses an extraordinarily high relaxation frequency. Due to the fact that melanin possesses this feature, it is an excellent option for bioelectronic interfaces.

The act of healing is referred to as mhakato wa uponyaji

At this time, one gram of melanin is valued over $441 more than one gram of gold. These words are known as hekau in the ancient Kemetic language. Hekau are words of power that have the potential to heal. Mchakato wa Uponyaji can be translated literally as “the process of mending” from its original Swahili form.

Melanin is an example of a Pigment

Melanin is a pigment that is created by melanocytes and intracellular melanin granules in the skin. How many grams of melanin is in a black person is what gives skin its color. Eumelanin is the form of melanin that gives skin its brown color, and pheomelanin is the one that gives hair its black color (reddish yellow). Both forms originate from L-tyrosine that has been subjected to oxidation. Both varieties of melanin are considered to be biopolymers, and the chemistry of each type determines the optical qualities that it possesses. As a consequence of this, it is vital to comprehend the chemistry of melanin in order to comprehend the morphology of melanosomes and the biomimetic structural colour.

Recognizing the excellence and virtue that exists within oneself

People who are incapable of seeing the positive aspects of melanin are stubbornly fighting the shift that is occurring in both awareness and perception. To reach “enheightenment” by utilizing the Ubuntu Paradigm, it is necessary for us to release our restrictions. Those who are willing to reach a higher level of awareness can do so by gaining knowledge about melanin.

How Much Is Melanin Worth On The Black Market

How Do You Buy Melanin, How Do You Sell Melanin

How Do You Buy Melanin

There is no such thing as “how much is melanin worth on the black market,” and you won’t find them anywhere. There is no connection between the pineal gland and the melanin found in the skin. Melanin is not being traded on any stock exchanges at this time. Despite all of that, the price of melanin has increased to more than $445 per gram in recent years. At such rate, the value of melanin per gram is $395 higher than the value of gold.

The monetary worth of chemicals can be determined

Did you realize that there is a financial value attached to melanin? It has a value per gram that is over $395 higher than that of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium combined.

Due to this monetary value, melanin is considered to be one of the most valuable compounds in the entire planet. However, why? A closer look at the dollar value of the chemical industry is shown here. The following is a list of some of the most frequently utilized compounds, along with their respective dollar values.


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